Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post Trek Thoughts & Testimonies - Tobler

So many wonderful memories. Going through all the pictures I took from Trek just puts a smile on my face. I am going to miss my "kids" -- Francys Tobler

Trek. By far the best thing I've ever done! By far the most physically demanding thing I've ever done! By far the most spiritual thing I've ever done! I love my trek family so much. I will never forget them and the influence they had in my life! Ladies, you gave me so much hope and strength to endure the pulling. Gentlemen, y'all gave me the feelings of brotherhood I've been looking for, for a while with the LDS young men. Ma and Pa, the love, sacrifice, and devotion you gave to this family will always be a great example for the way I wish to raise my children. This family was so inspired, and I feel it every single hour of my day! Y'all are the best!
"Remember, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Zion or Bust!!"
 -- Ryan Luke Cross

Trek was wonderful and I had so much fun! My family was loving and always had high spirits, even when we were struggling. But we can do hard things, especially while we are singing the whole time  I will always remember this experience and you guys will always be my family! Thanks you so much. -- Pearl Petaia

Trek. Was. Amazing!! If I could describe the whole experience with one word, that word would be "Remember". I made so many memories with my trek family and company. Thanks Robert Tobler and Francys Delgado Tobler for being the BEST Ma and Pa's ever! RyanRhiannonPearl, Kayden, Heidi, Whitney, Jared. YOU GUYS ROCK!! -- Mason McInnis

I believe that we are all children of a living God who loves us beyond conception. I believe with all my heart that the Grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient to save all mankind, and more importantly, I believe that His Grace is sufficient to transform Gods children into the people they are meant to be. I believe that the trials we face in these latter days are unique to our time and that we've been given the tools we need to spiritually thrive. I believe that Joseph Smith did see God the Father, and His Son. He was called to translate The Book of Mormon and to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness on the Earth today. I believe that God succored the saints who obeyed His call for a gathering in the west. I believe that God loves everybody individually and wants to see us become like Him. Just like in Bing Canyon, He has already planted us, his seeds, and he will water us continually through all eternity if we so choose! I believe that a testimony isn't always found on the knees praying for one, but that it can be found on your feet living the principles of righteousness and serving others. My testimony I leave with you, in the name of my Savior, and my Friend, Jesus Christ. Amen -- 
Ryan Luke Cross

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