Monday, March 25, 2013


Youth participating in Trek will need sturdy footwear to successfully navigate the trail. Stout bushes, thorny plants, long grasses and sand can cause painful blisters and abrasions that will detract from an individual’s Trek experience if he/she does not have good shoes and hiking socks. Shoes or boots need to be broken in well before they hit the Trek trail. We strongly encourage all participants to have either hiking boots or high top tennis shoes to keep the sand out of their shoes. Shoes should have good insoles and should fit comfortably with TWO pair of socks. A snug fitting liner sock with flat seams in the toes and heels will help wick away moisture. Tube socks are not good socks for serious blister control. The top or outer sock should also have flat seams and good padding. Socks should be long enough to cover the lower part of the leg and help protect from the ground cover.

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