Friday, March 29, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - Kristine Murray

Kristine Murray wrote:

Susannah Stone was a handcart pioneer.  She joined the church in England at the age of 17, saved her money, and made her way to America (age 25), despite her parents and friends trying to dissuade her.  The handcart journey was difficult, as 

Susannah wrote:
We waded through the cold streams many times, but we murmured not, for our faith in God and our testimony of His work were supreme.  Only once did my courage fail.  One cold, dreary afternoon, my feet having been frosted, I felt that I could go no further, and withdrew a little from the company, and sat down to await the end, being somewhat in a stupor.  After a time, I was aroused by a voice, which seemed as audible as anything could be, which spoke to my very soul of the promises and blessings I had received, and which should surely be fulfilled, and that I had a mission to perform in Zion.  I received strength, and was filled with the Spirit of the Lord, and arose and traveled on with a light heart.”

 She reached the Salt Lake Valley, married and had 14 children, always remaining a woman of great faith.  Years later she said:

 “I am thankful that I was counted worthy to be a pioneer and a handcart girl.  It prepared me to endure hard times in my future life.  I often think of the songs we sang to encourage us on our toilsome journey.  It was hard to endure, but the Lord gave us strength and courage.”

I hope the youth can catch a glimpse of this through trek.  I hope they learn to have faith, courage and to turn to the Lord in times of difficulty.

(taken from TELL MY STORY, TOO, which contains brief histories of the people in the Willie and Martin handcart companies)

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