Monday, March 25, 2013

Trek Clothing

As part of the Trek experience, all participants dress in clothing appropriate for a handcart company. By planning now, the youth (and adult) participants can gather the appropriate clothing. Mutual activities could include a clothing exchange, a trip to Value Village/Goodwill or instruction on sewing a clothing item. Here is the list of required clothing

• 2 pairs of pants (canvas or hiking pants; no jeans or sweatpants)
• 3 long-sleeved, buttoned & collared shirts
• 1 wide-brimmed hat (not baseball cap)
• 1 old tie & suspenders or belt

• 2 long-sleeved dresses or long sleeve shirts with mid-calf length skirts
• 1-2 bonnets or 1 wide-brimmed hat
• 1 pair bloomers & 1 apron

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