Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - Jacob & Maren Price

As we have been making the focus of our studies Trek, we have been talking a lot about obedience to the Gospel and how it brings us blessings. A good talk that has influenced us is "Obedience to the Law is Liberty" by Elder Perry in the Sunday Morning Session of Conference. We have reflected on our lives when we were the Trekkers' age (not too long ago...) and how it's necessary to really come to know the Gospel and have a testimony of Christ and His Atonement because we faced so many different possible pathways in High School. Something we hope to impress upon the minds of the youth is that the Commandments provide us peace, love, joy and safety, just as the primary song teaches. Having this attitude changes our perspective towards God and His laws. We come to appreciate Him and them as we learn this.

Another thought that we had is taught in Malachi of the Old Testament, chapter 3:13 - 18, when God corrects His people and tells them how even though it seems like wickedness does bring happiness, only those who follow His commandments will inherit eternal life. We must not lose sight of the long-term and get lost in the short-term. High Schoolers are surrounded by and tempted to sell out to the short-term pleasures of the world. The Gospel, with an eternal perspective gives us clarity and good discernment in knowing what brings us true and lasting joy. As the majority, if not all of these Trekkers are immersed in worldly short-term-based ideology, we feel (at least for our group) we should reteach the Lord's words that are found in Malachi and Elder Perry's talk.

The Prices

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