Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - Troy & Tina Clark

As Troy and I discussed the topic of this devotional we felt that we could use the reminder of balance in our lives.  We as Ma's and Pa's have a lot to do before trek which is approaching quickly.  If you are like us, you have many family obligations, work obligations and church callings that need your attention.  Thinking about preparing for trek can sometimes bring on a feeling of being overwhelmed with the tasks that are required of us.  Finding balance in our lives, is what helps bring peace to us as we day by day, sometimes minute by minute accomplish our responsibilities. We have learned when we consecrate our performances unto the Lord as instructed in 2 Nephi 32:9, things go smoother, even when the task at hand seems overwhelming or just plain impossible. We experienced the importance of consecration a few years ago during a remodel of our home.  We were trying to save as much money as possible so decided to do all the tile work on our own.  We had plans to tile kitchen, dining room, hallways, bathrooms and laundry rooms.  No small job. Neither of us had tiled before.  We did some studying, asked a few experts for some advice, bought all our supplies and prepared to tile.  Our first room was the kitchen, of all places to tile for the first time, but as we started Troy said, "You know we better consecrate this unto the Lord, he knows this is important to us and will help us."  We learned a lot in that remodel, and the tile work came out beautiful, in fact we get many compliments.  We know Heavenly Father guided us as we cut, set and grouted each tile into its place.  This may seem a small thing, but because it was important to us it was important to our Heavenly father.   These young men and young women who will be in our care for those few days need us to be prepared for them.  Satan knows what an instrument we can be to God during this time and will try to keep us "off balance" so that we may not be as prepared as we would want to share in the spiritual and physical growth experiences that come with trek.  We encourage all of us to consecrate our trek performance unto the Lord.  Our experience tells us that we will be blessed as we move forward with the tasks we have been assigned.

Troy and Tina Clark

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