Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - John & JanaLee Millard

Thanks to all who have crafted the previous devotionals! They have been thought provoking and inspirational.

Many of us have a Pioneer heritage and some of us do not have ancestors that came across the plains. Many of us have stories from our Fore Fathers and Mothers that are inspirational and exciting and others may not. But in a real way, we all have a pioneer heritage and all of us are pioneers in our own ways. We all benefit from courageous and faithful examples whether in our blood related family or not.

The challenges and trials we have endured and learned from have given us a legacy to pass along. On trek we will have the opportunity to use the talents we have been blessed with and the spiritual strength we have gained through trials, obedience and faith. We will have the opportunity to expand our sphere of influence in our trek families.

These youth that will be assigned to us are choice children of our Father in Heaven. We will have an opportunity to add to their strength and help them build their relationship with our Savior by loving them and sharing this experience with them. To represent our Savior in a small way on this trek.

I agree with all of previous sentiments that this is a sacred opportunity! Last night we heard a lot about preparation. If we are prepared physically, we will be able to follow the wise counsel from last night and be in a position to think about the others in our Family rather than ourselves. And if we do all we can to be prepared spiritually, and place our confidence and faith in the Savior and let love cast out our fear (1 John 4:18), we can and I think we will see miracles occur on Trek.

We have been chosen for a reason and let's hope and pray and prepare so we can all make the most of this trek so that our "children" will remember this experience fondly for the rest of their lives. Maybe we will too.

John and JanaLee Millard

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