Monday, April 8, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - Pat & Nel McCourt

I am always awed and respect the strength of the Sisters in Zion.  Today as well as the days when the church was first organized.  Always ready and willing with a song in their hearts.  "As Sisters in Zion"  And my heart feel full when I read the next pioneer incidents. 

On February 5th, 1846 the "Camp of Israel" broke camp on Sugar Creek.  They commenced their weary march for the Missouri River.  The 'Company was comprised of nearly 400 wagons.  That day they traveled five miles in a north-west direction and again set up camp on Sugar Creek for the night.'  A well known writer observed: "The survivors of that journey to the Missouri will tell you that all suffered immensely from the cold weather on Sugar Creek.  That morning most of the sisters in the company wept their farewells over their beloved city Nauvoo, and mourned for their sanctuary, the Temple, in which they had hoped to worship till the end of life.  Of which they left, never to see again."

And what would the Mormon women tell of that first night of encampment?  Around those family circles it was almost tragic romance.  Fancy this notion; we can find abundant subject material for many graphic stories of devotion, and loyalty, personal and family sufferings, of unmatched heroism, and valor, of love unfeigned to those 'Sisters' and families in need.  The incident of nine babies born the first night was not unusual.  That cold night, nature administered a full measure of suffering to nine valiant sisters in the mixed cup of motherhood's supreme's joy and pain of birth."

As a fitting continuation of the above circumstances, Eliza R. Snow related the following information:  "I was informed that on the first night of our encampment, nine children were born into the world.  From that time as we journeyed onward.  Mothers gave birth to offspring under almost every variety of circumstance imaginable, except for those who were accustomed to difficult circumstances; some births were in tents, others in wagons, many in rain storms and in snow storms.  I heard of one birth which occurred under a rude shelter of a hut.  The sides of which were framed with blankets fastened to poles stuck in the ground, and a bark roof over head, through which the rain was dripping.  Many kind sisters stood holding dishes to catch the water as it fell, thus protecting the new comer and its mother from a cold shower bath as the little innocent first entered on the stage of human life."  - Bro. McCourt

Trek, for us, is a VERY spiritual experience.  We feel so privileged to be able to have gone as Ma and Pa in the past and gained a relationship with our Trek sons and daughters, as they grew closer to their Heavenly Father and their testimonies grew while on Trek.  We have had some great spiritual moving experiences and recorded them for all of our Trek kids as we go on Trek.  May we all take a special effort to prepare ourselves for this upcoming Trek and pray that you will be blessed with wisdom to say those things that Heavenly Father would have you say as you interact with our youth.  May the Spirit guide you at all times.  May you be blessed with the physical strength and mental strength needed for the sacred event in your lives and in the lives of our youth.  - Sist. McCourt

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