Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - Charles & Beth Usery

The Prophet Joseph Smith stated the following:

I prophesied that the saints would continue to suffer much affliction and would be driven to the Rocky Mountains, many would apostatize, others would be put to death by our persecutors, or lose their lives in consequence of exposure or disease; and some of you will live to go and assist in making settlements and build cities and see the saints become a mighty people in the midst of the Rocky Mountains (CHC 2:181)

... this church will fill north and South America.. it will fill the world. It will fill the Rocky Mountains. There will be tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints who will be gathered in the Rocky Mountains and there they will open the door for the establishing of the Gospel among the Lamanites... This people will go into the Rocky Mountains; they will there build temples to the Most High (Wilford Woodruff, Conf. Report, 8 April 1898)

Brigham Young on July 28, 1847 boldly declared to the Saints "that they had come here according to the direction and council of Br. Joseph Smith before his death..." (Journal History, 28 July 1847, p.2)

The Lord revealed to the Prophet that persecution would drive the saints to the Rocky Mountains and that it would be from this place of safety that the gathering would occur so that we would be able to grow and then take the gospel to the rest of the world. Trek reminds us of the vision of the Lord... a place of safety so that in our day WE would be blessed enough and be in a position to gather the Elect from the four corners of the world. The youth that we have with us have a great destiny. May each of us strengthen and support them as they learn and grow.

Charles & Beth Usery

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