Friday, May 24, 2013

Trek Prep Devotional - Kristina Sutherland

I tried to think of something fantastic to say- but there's nothing coming. 

I want to keep it simple: I think it's important to remember that we're doing this for the children (young men and women), and that as husband and wife couples we owe them organization, preparedness, safety awareness, and most especially the Spirit. We will easily benefit because we wish to serve them, and in turn God. That alone brings God to be bound to bless us. I don't think most of us are too focused on personal blessings- but we can share lessons learned with our children when we get together in July. 

Telling them stories, and sharing experiences in simple basic fashions allow them to think, process, and work out principles and ideas in their own minds. 

I thank God for this opportunity- and feel that based on all of our devotional sharing we can bring a great love and vigor to Trek 2013. 

My husband and I do have pioneer stories I could share- but right now I cannot think straight because I've been teaching young children all day. My students have complicated to severe disabilities and constrains  so life is hard for them, and as a result I am tired because I'm trying to do what I can. Sweet is the work (isn't that the saying?)  :) 

I know this- God has given us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of his restored church, and for that we can sing and shout and thank our Lord in Heaven. Much like the pioneers we are thinking so much of at this time- we can gather each night, after a long day of trekking, and dance, sing, and praise God. 

Brothers and Sisters- I have been feeling that way lately. While I might not look like much, I have become what I am because of God. His grace is enough for me- and so I can sing and shout and praise His name. 

I am a modern pioneer. I have had to "burry my loved ones in the ice" and leave them behind. My husband and I have fought to be a part of this gospel. My husband especially sacrificed all to be with God- his family, all of his belongings, money, and health. He has received such rejection that he had no place to lay his head. I can honestly state that my husband has put his life up for the taking many times for God's gospel-and he would do it again...all for God. Whether it was in Colorado, Peru, or Bellingham. Like other pioneers who ran from town to town, and city to city, my husband has been persecuted, beaten, spat upon, and threatened with his life. It's frightening to be aware of the intense hatred and evil that fills some souls on this earth. 

Ultimately- We are all pioneers on our Trek back to God. It doesn't matter what our Trek looks like- we just need to keep the destination in mind and in our sights. 

I was lucky to be born into a family where my mother and father also fought like my husband -to be members of the church. They had to run, turn, or escape from the Evils of this earth. I thank God they are alive- and lived to have me and bring me into the world the way they did. We fought as a family to be members of God's true gospel- and I have relished every bit- I can honestly say after everything. Like the pioneers, we have been too aware of the Evils that can roam this earth. I know we are not alone in those experiences. 

I think God wants us to think about our Trek and realize that after everything- evil, lovely, heavenly, and treacherous-  we can and must rise above, pick up our cart, and keep walking. I thank God for the ways He has kept my feet going when I could no longer desire to walk. 

I think the reason why Trek is so powerful is that it physically puts us back into a time and place- and we can remember, think, and ponder about what it teaches us- how it can change us through God's grace. 

I feel a deep and peaceful love for all of you, and I anticipate a life-changing experience with the kiddos this July. 

Take care, and may God bless you continually with joy and peace. 

Best Regards, 

Kristina Sutherland 

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