Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trek Site Rules

 The “Pack It In, Pack It Out” Policy refers to your garbage.  There are no garbage disposal containers on site, so you must haul it all with you daily, OR arrange for the support staff to dispose of it in the city of Hermiston, Oregon.  Please refer to page 4 in your Trek Leaders Handbook – first paragraph:  NO TRACE CAMPING for details.  Some groups have brought their own trash cans (with liners) for use while on site.

a.      If each trekker brings their own mess kit, that saves on paper good disposal.  However, water for washing will be limited at each camp site. 

b.      Burning of paper goods & other waste is prohibited on site.

c.       Dropping of food scraps, wrappers, etc. will encourage rodents and insects in camp. 

Some Do’s and Don’ts to be aware of:

a.       No bicycles, horses, dogs (service dogs okay), ATV’s, fireworks, loaded guns, fishing gear, etc. are allowed.

b.      No re-enactments nor references to the Mormon Battalion:  Please read the bottom paragraph on page 5 of your handbook.  The Church Historical Department has stated that since it occurred a decade before any of the handcart companies traveled, it is to be discontinued on modern “treks”.

c.       No “angels dressed in white clothing”.  Again, see pg. 5.

d.      No re-enactments of marauders or hostile groups invading the handcart camps.  We are striving to share stories, vignettes, and scenarios that uplift, strengthen testimonies, and touch hearts with the spirit.  For that reason, the frightening and negative experiences from “the bad guys” are not appropriate.

e.      No mock funerals or burying baby dolls along the trail.  Carrying dolls is fine to do, if appropriately handled. 

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